Eatings’ Greetings!

First and foremost: I promise all the titles won’t be that cheesy. Unless we’re having melted dairy goodness 😉

Howdy, folks!! I’m Cari. 25 year old newlywed from God’s Country. My husband is Jesse (30 in July) and he’ll be hanging out here, too. We’re a couple of self-proclaimed foodies, not sure if we have any qualifications aside from LOVING food, but no matter.  We have 2.5 cats (I say .5 because we inherited one with the purchase of our home that just won’t move on but we can’t let him die.  I have a heart too big for my budget when it comes to felines)- Estelle, Cecilia, and Civ.  I have several health issues but my two most debilitating are IBS-D and chronic migraine.  Jesse suffers from migraines, as well, but they have slightly improved after beginning blood pressure medication.  I love sweaters, shoes, purses, makeup (I’m a MK consultant!), excessively hot showers, pajamas, and -of course- cooking.  I fear I would be lost without my Android.  I’m a bit of an Alpha, outspoken, LOUD, liberal, pain-in-the-rear at times.  But, by gum (I speak Appalachian.  Ya’ll can learn some along the way!) I’m fun and I’ll do just about anything for anyone.  I hate scary movies.  Put a comedy in front of me and you’ll hold my attention the entire time.  Crazy about football- Da Bears are our team.

I’ll let Jesse make his own post to really introduce himself.

I started this blog for us while I couldn’t sleep.  We both have this terrible habit of posting pictures of what we’re eating to our social media accounts.  People are constantly telling us to open a restaurant…but I figured this was a much more affordable path to travel.  We’ll use this medium to share things we have cooked (and if you ask really nicely, recipes of such), great places we’ve eaten (plus the not-so-great and reviews of both), and things of the like.  I’m hopeful that along this journey I’ll be able to detect some foods that trigger migraines and the more violent IBS episodes.

Welcome to our table.  You hungry?


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