First Meal Post

I was going to wait to make a good post until Jesse posted his introduction, but that can come later. He’s been down with a migraine today, so I’m going to post our delectables from yesterday to start our tracking on his migraines. (See first post for details on that.)


We’ll begin with supper- Outback style baked potatoes, crispy skin crusted in salt, topped with butter and sharp cheddar cheese. And Caprese-stuffed chicken breast filled with fresh basil (from my herb garden!), diced tomato, and sharp cheddar (out of mozzarella) then pan fried with non-sick spray. Lightly seasoned with salt, pepper, and garlic powder and a splash of balsamic vinegar on top and inside.

I was quite happy with the outcome! The chicken was great, after I had to finish it in the oven =/ Oops! And I’m pretty sure I’m not allowed to fix baked potatoes any other way now. It was definitely a “second trip to the kitchen” kind of meal.


On to dessert! Jesse concocted this strawberry cream soda float. A couple of spoonfuls of Kroger strawberry ice cream and a can of A&W Cream Soda make up this Heaven in a Mug. Take two and thank me in the morning (after a trip to your doctor for some insulin.) I followed suite in using the strawberry ice cream, only I paired it with a piece of key lime cake with key lime icing. That’s all from a box…Pillsbury, maybe? Anyway, I highly recommend the cake alone, but that strawberry ice cream took out to a whole new level. I mean, come on, who doesn’t love cake and ice cream? Why not take it to a new level with fun flavors?

I’m off now to fix tonight’s meal- burgers with fried green tomatoes. May do some oven fries, too =) Expecting the possibility of severe weather overnight, so need to let the house have time to cool off before bedtime in case we lose power! Have a great evenin, everybody!!


2 thoughts on “First Meal Post

    • Great question! We do a little bit of both. Sometimes we’ll take some inspiration from something we find and twist it into something new and ours. When I get this whole blog situation figured out, I’ll always do a pretty link to the recipe if it’s a borrowed one =)
      And thanks! It was quite yummy!

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