Nothin Says “Lovin” like French Fries from the Oven!!

We had cheese on our burgers tonight…the cheesy title is permissible per my promise 😉

Just a quick post tonight this morning. I have to be up early to play DD for my mom after some dental work. I wanted to share dinner tonight, though. Jesse gave me one of the best compliments he’s ever given- aside from asking me to marry him, and thusly following through. He said “you’re getting better at your fried green tomatoes!” Now, to the naked eye/ear, that’s not the best of compliments, but let’s dig a little deeper.

Jesse’s grandma passed away a couple months before we started dating. From all accounts gathered, I missed the chance to know one of the greatest women to bless this earth. She was small in stature, but that didn’t stop her from once beating a rambunctious child in a circle with a bicycle innertube =) The money I’d have paid to be around for that! But I digress… I’ve heard many tales of the wonderful things to come from her kitchen, most often fried green tomatoes and polk salad. My life’s mission is to make them like her. Please don’t misunderstand my intentions of this! I’m not one of those wives who hears something like that, is insulted, and has to outdo the better dish. I simply want to be able to fill Jesse and his dad’s bellies with delicious food and their hearts with happy memories of Gramms. So when Jesse said I’m getting better, he meant I’m getting closer to the legend


So here is tonight’s meal- homemade oven fries and cheeseburgers with fried green tomatoes. Regular mustard for Jesse’s (pictured) spicy brown for me. The spice was an awesome contrast to the sweet tomato!! I wish I had thought to toast the bread (no burger buns) because the bottom slice got a bit soggy.

I need to apologize for a couple things:
1.) The multitude of typos that are in store. We’ll be posting a lot from our smartphones and they like to pretend to know what we want to say. (Secret? They don’t.)
2.) Photo quality, or lack thereof. All pictures will be from aforementioned phones. We don’t own a fancy-schmancy camera, so we’re doing the best we can.

The threat for severe weather in our immediate area had been trimmed back, but I’m still apprehensive. We have no real shelter in our house =/ If you’re reading this from an area in the direct path of the storms, know my prayers are with you! Stay safe!

Sweet dreams and goodnight, ya’ll!


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