Eating’s Greetings: Redux

First off, let me thank everyone who is following our blog and liking the food posts that Cari Lynne has already put up. As I sit here on this early Saturday morning, with a cup of coffee and the sounds of “SportsCenter” breaking the dawn silence, I find myself wondering what to say about myself, that Cari Lynne hasn’t already keyed you all in on. Most of you know by now, that my name is Jesse and I am slowly approaching the summit of being 30. A few things about me:
*I am a complete and total nerd. By this, I mean I LOVE collecting comic books and superhero related memorabilia, watching anime and playing video games. The latter being a rebirth of the Nintendo filled days of my youth.
*I LOVE all forms of music but my heart and horns reside in the realm of anything heavy metal. This includes, but is not limited to: Speed, Death, Doom, Thrash, Black, Viking…I could go on, but let’s move on, shall we? I am still pulling for Metallica to rekindle their 80’s Thrash days. Not to mention, I have a love like no other for classic and outlaw country music. Ya know, George Jones, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Hank Williams Sr…
*I am a former addict. Like, if it was readily available and I had the funds to acquire it, I would abuse it. This was also fueled by this “I hate myself and I want to die” mentality. Then, Cari Lynne came back into my life. We had drifted apart over the years and has gotten back into contact via Facebook. She was and still is, one of the few people I have ever trusted with any and all aspects of my life and she could see the path I was walking and did everything she could to revive me and bring me back to sanity. I cannot thank her enough for her strength and love during that time.
*I LOVE to cook and all things food related. Though, I feel I suck at being in the kitchen, it is a passion of mine. I like to think that my style could be classified as “Southern Comfort” sans the Paula Dean stereotypes with a myriad of global influences. (I am a sushi fanatic and if I could afford it, I would eat it, at least, five days a week.) When I begin to slay in the kitchen, the rest of the world is blocked out for a little while.

I hope that as we all take this journey together, that Cari Lynne and myself inspire you to try new things and meals and that you all do the same for us.

Welcome to the world that is our kitchen!

Love and Respects,



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