Inspired Meal

We loved our hot dogs so much last night we decided to do our own with things here at the house. Clearly, we knew they wouldn’t be a Super Dog, but they were pretty doggone good! (See what I did there?)


A Mexican Dog on the left with refried beans, Somernites Cruise salsa, and shredded cheese. (Jesse added Mexican rice to his.) A slaw dog with homemade slaw and spicy brown mustard. I love the spicy and sweet combo! We used Johnsonville New Orleans sausages. Yummy stuff! And we added our favorite potato side dish- Outback style baked potatoes.

And now I’m off to watch America’s Got Talent with my love! Happy eating, ya’ll!

3 thoughts on “Inspired Meal

  1. Some of the best homemade meals are your own interpretations of what you’ve had at a restaurant. We like to experiment in the kitchen, have created some really good dishes we enjoy frequently. ONCE in a while, we invent an OOOPS!, but lucky not to do so often!

    • Our best meals usually come from “Alright, what do we actually have in the house? Let’s throw it together.” We’ve never had a full-on oops, but a few let’s-do-this-a-little-differently-next-time. =)

      • Absolutely understand “…let’s do different next time”!!, and agree. What’s in the house, and what are we in the mood for seem to be the best ??s to start the dish with, too. 🙂

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