Eating’s Greetings: Redux

First off, let me thank everyone who is following our blog and liking the food posts that Cari Lynne has already put up. As I sit here on this early Saturday morning, with a cup of coffee and the sounds of “SportsCenter” breaking the dawn silence, I find myself wondering what to say about myself, that Cari Lynne hasn’t already keyed you all in on. Most of you know by now, that my name is Jesse and I am slowly approaching the summit of being 30. A few things about me:
*I am a complete and total nerd. By this, I mean I LOVE collecting comic books and superhero related memorabilia, watching anime and playing video games. The latter being a rebirth of the Nintendo filled days of my youth.
*I LOVE all forms of music but my heart and horns reside in the realm of anything heavy metal. This includes, but is not limited to: Speed, Death, Doom, Thrash, Black, Viking…I could go on, but let’s move on, shall we? I am still pulling for Metallica to rekindle their 80’s Thrash days. Not to mention, I have a love like no other for classic and outlaw country music. Ya know, George Jones, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Hank Williams Sr…
*I am a former addict. Like, if it was readily available and I had the funds to acquire it, I would abuse it. This was also fueled by this “I hate myself and I want to die” mentality. Then, Cari Lynne came back into my life. We had drifted apart over the years and has gotten back into contact via Facebook. She was and still is, one of the few people I have ever trusted with any and all aspects of my life and she could see the path I was walking and did everything she could to revive me and bring me back to sanity. I cannot thank her enough for her strength and love during that time.
*I LOVE to cook and all things food related. Though, I feel I suck at being in the kitchen, it is a passion of mine. I like to think that my style could be classified as “Southern Comfort” sans the Paula Dean stereotypes with a myriad of global influences. (I am a sushi fanatic and if I could afford it, I would eat it, at least, five days a week.) When I begin to slay in the kitchen, the rest of the world is blocked out for a little while.

I hope that as we all take this journey together, that Cari Lynne and myself inspire you to try new things and meals and that you all do the same for us.

Welcome to the world that is our kitchen!

Love and Respects,


Kentucky Rain

Whew! This day!! Had a crazy nightmare about 4:30 this morning and couldn’t get back to sleep. One of those that rocks you to your core things…every had one of those?

I had my makeup fabulously applied before 7am. So many things wrong with that. I fixed Jesse a cup of iced coffee from the Keurig (if you’re a coffee/tea junkie…invest in one. You won’t be sorry.) to help get his day started then fried myself some eggs. We love breakfast food in this house, just not necessarily in the morning 😉

I took my mom to have a couple teeth cut out. After I got her home I came home and ended up falling asleep on the couch listening to a storm. After a little bit Jesse had me move to the bedroom so he could noisily make supper =)


This is what I woke up to!! Twice baked potatoes filled with broccoli and cheese and bacon stuffed chicken topped with broccoli and cheese. Oh. My. Wow. SO GOOD!!! The best part? We’ve got some left for lunch tomorrow! I’ll let him post how he did it and such. Finally get him writing on here, huh?

I’m still beat from today and I’m gettin my hair done tomorrow…this hungry girl is off to get ready for bed!!

Sweet dreams of tasty treats!

Nothin Says “Lovin” like French Fries from the Oven!!

We had cheese on our burgers tonight…the cheesy title is permissible per my promise 😉

Just a quick post tonight this morning. I have to be up early to play DD for my mom after some dental work. I wanted to share dinner tonight, though. Jesse gave me one of the best compliments he’s ever given- aside from asking me to marry him, and thusly following through. He said “you’re getting better at your fried green tomatoes!” Now, to the naked eye/ear, that’s not the best of compliments, but let’s dig a little deeper.

Jesse’s grandma passed away a couple months before we started dating. From all accounts gathered, I missed the chance to know one of the greatest women to bless this earth. She was small in stature, but that didn’t stop her from once beating a rambunctious child in a circle with a bicycle innertube =) The money I’d have paid to be around for that! But I digress… I’ve heard many tales of the wonderful things to come from her kitchen, most often fried green tomatoes and polk salad. My life’s mission is to make them like her. Please don’t misunderstand my intentions of this! I’m not one of those wives who hears something like that, is insulted, and has to outdo the better dish. I simply want to be able to fill Jesse and his dad’s bellies with delicious food and their hearts with happy memories of Gramms. So when Jesse said I’m getting better, he meant I’m getting closer to the legend


So here is tonight’s meal- homemade oven fries and cheeseburgers with fried green tomatoes. Regular mustard for Jesse’s (pictured) spicy brown for me. The spice was an awesome contrast to the sweet tomato!! I wish I had thought to toast the bread (no burger buns) because the bottom slice got a bit soggy.

I need to apologize for a couple things:
1.) The multitude of typos that are in store. We’ll be posting a lot from our smartphones and they like to pretend to know what we want to say. (Secret? They don’t.)
2.) Photo quality, or lack thereof. All pictures will be from aforementioned phones. We don’t own a fancy-schmancy camera, so we’re doing the best we can.

The threat for severe weather in our immediate area had been trimmed back, but I’m still apprehensive. We have no real shelter in our house =/ If you’re reading this from an area in the direct path of the storms, know my prayers are with you! Stay safe!

Sweet dreams and goodnight, ya’ll!

First Meal Post

I was going to wait to make a good post until Jesse posted his introduction, but that can come later. He’s been down with a migraine today, so I’m going to post our delectables from yesterday to start our tracking on his migraines. (See first post for details on that.)


We’ll begin with supper- Outback style baked potatoes, crispy skin crusted in salt, topped with butter and sharp cheddar cheese. And Caprese-stuffed chicken breast filled with fresh basil (from my herb garden!), diced tomato, and sharp cheddar (out of mozzarella) then pan fried with non-sick spray. Lightly seasoned with salt, pepper, and garlic powder and a splash of balsamic vinegar on top and inside.

I was quite happy with the outcome! The chicken was great, after I had to finish it in the oven =/ Oops! And I’m pretty sure I’m not allowed to fix baked potatoes any other way now. It was definitely a “second trip to the kitchen” kind of meal.


On to dessert! Jesse concocted this strawberry cream soda float. A couple of spoonfuls of Kroger strawberry ice cream and a can of A&W Cream Soda make up this Heaven in a Mug. Take two and thank me in the morning (after a trip to your doctor for some insulin.) I followed suite in using the strawberry ice cream, only I paired it with a piece of key lime cake with key lime icing. That’s all from a box…Pillsbury, maybe? Anyway, I highly recommend the cake alone, but that strawberry ice cream took out to a whole new level. I mean, come on, who doesn’t love cake and ice cream? Why not take it to a new level with fun flavors?

I’m off now to fix tonight’s meal- burgers with fried green tomatoes. May do some oven fries, too =) Expecting the possibility of severe weather overnight, so need to let the house have time to cool off before bedtime in case we lose power! Have a great evenin, everybody!!

Eatings’ Greetings!

First and foremost: I promise all the titles won’t be that cheesy. Unless we’re having melted dairy goodness 😉

Howdy, folks!! I’m Cari. 25 year old newlywed from God’s Country. My husband is Jesse (30 in July) and he’ll be hanging out here, too. We’re a couple of self-proclaimed foodies, not sure if we have any qualifications aside from LOVING food, but no matter.  We have 2.5 cats (I say .5 because we inherited one with the purchase of our home that just won’t move on but we can’t let him die.  I have a heart too big for my budget when it comes to felines)- Estelle, Cecilia, and Civ.  I have several health issues but my two most debilitating are IBS-D and chronic migraine.  Jesse suffers from migraines, as well, but they have slightly improved after beginning blood pressure medication.  I love sweaters, shoes, purses, makeup (I’m a MK consultant!), excessively hot showers, pajamas, and -of course- cooking.  I fear I would be lost without my Android.  I’m a bit of an Alpha, outspoken, LOUD, liberal, pain-in-the-rear at times.  But, by gum (I speak Appalachian.  Ya’ll can learn some along the way!) I’m fun and I’ll do just about anything for anyone.  I hate scary movies.  Put a comedy in front of me and you’ll hold my attention the entire time.  Crazy about football- Da Bears are our team.

I’ll let Jesse make his own post to really introduce himself.

I started this blog for us while I couldn’t sleep.  We both have this terrible habit of posting pictures of what we’re eating to our social media accounts.  People are constantly telling us to open a restaurant…but I figured this was a much more affordable path to travel.  We’ll use this medium to share things we have cooked (and if you ask really nicely, recipes of such), great places we’ve eaten (plus the not-so-great and reviews of both), and things of the like.  I’m hopeful that along this journey I’ll be able to detect some foods that trigger migraines and the more violent IBS episodes.

Welcome to our table.  You hungry?