The Back Bone’s Connected to the…Neck Bone!


Southern, poor folk food at literally its best. Jesse decided he’d handle dinner last night and I’m quite glad he did! Neck bones (just what it sounds like…from a hog) boiled with potatoes, onions, baby carrots, and a touch of butter. He also steamed some cabbage and I made a pan of biscuits. Friends, if you’ve never eaten neck bones, go find some tomorrow and you’ll be thanking me. There isn’t much meat on them, so get several (I’m talking about a pound/person), but the meat you do get is the juiciest, most tender pork I’ve ever had. And like Jesse said last night “Everybody loves vegetables when they taste like pork!” See why I married him?

To make this glorious feast, begin by rinsing your neck bones. There’s always the concern of bone dust, and you always want to rinse meat that’s been hanging out in its own blood. Toss them into a BIG pot of salted water. Add a significant amount of pepper and a couple pinches of garlic powder. Turn your selected burner to just past medium and dump your carrots in. Now give it about a quarter stick (2 Tablespoons) of butter. Cube up some potatoes and add them to the party. Let everything just get to a bubble and add an onion, cut as you see fit. Cover and let everybody mingle for about 45 minutes, turning the heat back about halfway.

I was raised by a mother who knows her biscuit business. She swears Daddy ate hockey pucks the first year they were married, but I’m not inclined to believe that. If ever someone comments on my weight, I refer them to my momma’s biscuits and gravy. But I digress…

I got my lack of measuring from her, so I apologize. We buy 25 pounds of flour at a time, cheaper and we use a lot. I dip out two not-quite-full “red Solo cups” into a mixing bowl, add enough salt to make a small layer across the top of the flour (2 teaspoons or so?) and then add enough buttermilk to form a tacky blob of dough. I then spoon them into a greased cast iron skillet and top with a pad of butter. 25 minutes at 450 or until a knife comes out of the middle clean.

I didn’t post last night because I absolutely foundered myself and was too miserably full to form a sentence, let alone an entire blog post. Mom and I are almost to The Market on Main…pretty excited!! Wish us luck on some fantastic scores!


Would you Like Fries with That?

Catch up night!

We did fried green tomatoes on cheeseburgers again the other night.  It’s gonna be hard this winter =(  I did some fries from a bag (time constraints) and steamed cabbage to accompany.

I’ll post my recipes tonight.

Jesse's plate.  The mustard sputtered out on me while I was trying to dress it.

Jesse’s plate. The mustard sputtered out on me while I was trying to dress it.

Steamed cabbage

Cut a head of cabbage in half and remove “core”, that hard, impossible-to-eat part.  Then cut small strips and place in kettle.  Pour about 1 cup of water in the pot and turn to high. Add salt, pepper, and garlic powder to your preferred taste.  Stir and place lid on pot.  Stir occasionally, checking water levels.  If water boils out, add small amounts until cabbage is at desired tenderness.  I guaranteed you’ll think it’s fried.

Fried Green Tomatoes

Firm, green tomatoes

Melt half a stick of butter in skillet over medium-low heat while prepping tomatoes.  Slice about 1/4 inch thick and dredge in mixture of about 1 cup flour, generous pinch of salt, dash of pepper, and 1/4 cup sugar.  Place in pan and sprinkle a little more sugar on top.  Fry until golden brown on both sides.  Add more butter to the pan as needed.

Perfect Cheeseburger

1/2 pound of fresh ground beef per person
Large-grain salt, such as Kosher or Sea Salt
Heat a non-stick skillet over medium heat and form your patties.  Liberally season one side of the patty with salt then pepper and place that side down in the pan.  As that side cooks, season the other side just as liberally.  Cook 5-6 minutes per side.  We prefer our burgers a little pink, so adjust times accordingly.  Place your desired cheese on top of each burger and cover with a lid for 30 seconds to melt the cheese.  Place on bun with all the delicious toppings!  (I did a green tomato and spicy brown mustard.  YUM!)

What’s your dream burger?  Your favorite burger joint?