The Back Bone’s Connected to the…Neck Bone!


Southern, poor folk food at literally its best. Jesse decided he’d handle dinner last night and I’m quite glad he did! Neck bones (just what it sounds like…from a hog) boiled with potatoes, onions, baby carrots, and a touch of butter. He also steamed some cabbage and I made a pan of biscuits. Friends, if you’ve never eaten neck bones, go find some tomorrow and you’ll be thanking me. There isn’t much meat on them, so get several (I’m talking about a pound/person), but the meat you do get is the juiciest, most tender pork I’ve ever had. And like Jesse said last night “Everybody loves vegetables when they taste like pork!” See why I married him?

To make this glorious feast, begin by rinsing your neck bones. There’s always the concern of bone dust, and you always want to rinse meat that’s been hanging out in its own blood. Toss them into a BIG pot of salted water. Add a significant amount of pepper and a couple pinches of garlic powder. Turn your selected burner to just past medium and dump your carrots in. Now give it about a quarter stick (2 Tablespoons) of butter. Cube up some potatoes and add them to the party. Let everything just get to a bubble and add an onion, cut as you see fit. Cover and let everybody mingle for about 45 minutes, turning the heat back about halfway.

I was raised by a mother who knows her biscuit business. She swears Daddy ate hockey pucks the first year they were married, but I’m not inclined to believe that. If ever someone comments on my weight, I refer them to my momma’s biscuits and gravy. But I digress…

I got my lack of measuring from her, so I apologize. We buy 25 pounds of flour at a time, cheaper and we use a lot. I dip out two not-quite-full “red Solo cups” into a mixing bowl, add enough salt to make a small layer across the top of the flour (2 teaspoons or so?) and then add enough buttermilk to form a tacky blob of dough. I then spoon them into a greased cast iron skillet and top with a pad of butter. 25 minutes at 450 or until a knife comes out of the middle clean.

I didn’t post last night because I absolutely foundered myself and was too miserably full to form a sentence, let alone an entire blog post. Mom and I are almost to The Market on Main…pretty excited!! Wish us luck on some fantastic scores!


Inspired Meal

We loved our hot dogs so much last night we decided to do our own with things here at the house. Clearly, we knew they wouldn’t be a Super Dog, but they were pretty doggone good! (See what I did there?)


A Mexican Dog on the left with refried beans, Somernites Cruise salsa, and shredded cheese. (Jesse added Mexican rice to his.) A slaw dog with homemade slaw and spicy brown mustard. I love the spicy and sweet combo! We used Johnsonville New Orleans sausages. Yummy stuff! And we added our favorite potato side dish- Outback style baked potatoes.

And now I’m off to watch America’s Got Talent with my love! Happy eating, ya’ll!

Catsup, Ketsup, Ketchup…Nope! Catch-Up!

I’ve given up on trying to load everything from all the days missed. I’ll do tonight’s meal and try to be more consistent again. I’ve been plagued with worse migraines lately and haven’t felt like writing.


Salsa chicken; sauteed red, yellow, orange peppers, and onions with Lime Cilantro Rotel; and hominy.

Salsa chicken

Boneless, skinless chicken breasts
Garlic Powder
Your favorite salsa (tonight we used Great Value Black Bean & Corn)
Olive oil

Heat pan over medium heat and add about 2 tablespoons of oil. Add chicken and season thoroughly, since only one side can be seasoned. Cook 4-5 minutes and flip. Cook another 4-5 and cover each breast with salsa, place a lid on pan and reduce heat to medium-low. Simmer for 10 minutes or so.

Sauteed Veggies

1 each red, orange, and yellow peppers
Olive oil
Can of Lime Cilantro Rotel
1/2 tablespoon butter
Garlic Powder
Cayenne pepper

Heat 2 tablespoons of olive oil in a deep pan over medium heat. While oil is heating, slice peppers into thin strips and onions into thin rings. Place in oil at the and time and season as you prefer with listed ingredients. Stir. After vegetables have softened some, add drained can of Rotel and stir well. Heat about 5 minutes, stirring occasionally. Add butter and stir, heat until butter has melted and reduced.

The hominy is pretty straight-forward. I like a ratio of 2:1 hominy to canning liquid. Salt, pepper, a little garlic powder, and 2 tablespoons butter. Stir occasionally and cook until very little liquid remains.

And there ya go!! I have 16 bean soup going in the Crock Pot with some of our fresh pork hocks for tomorrow. Thankful my cousin sold us a hog this winter and had it slaughtered for us. I can’t tell you how AMAZING fresh pig product is!!

Until we eat again!!

From the Grill and a First Time Thing

I’ll start with today and work my way backward, go back in time in a sense.

I’ve always had a quaint obsession with Farmers’ Markets, and I dragged Jesse into the fascination with me.  We honestly had plans to sign up for a CSA this year (more info on those programs here: but ran out of funds/time.  We have a farmers’ market about 30 miles from us that is open 2 days a week during the summer.  It’s been there for several years, but I’ve literally NEVER been!  A friend of mine from high school has also spearheaded a project to start another market on Thursday evenings- complete with music and cooking demos.  Again, not been, but it’s only happened twice =)  Well, today was the day.  We got up and headed north this morning to see what kind of delectables we could snag.  And, boy, did we snag!!

  • Free-Range Whole Chicken
  • 2 bunches of collards (ohhh how I can’t wait!)
  • Block of aged cheddar, raw milk cheese
  • Block of Havarti, raw milk cheese
  • 2 big yellow squash
  • A HUGE zucchini
  • 2 gorgeous cucumbers
  • A pint of blueberries
  • A jar of Black & Blue Jam

All that for less than $50?  Yah, that’s awesome.  Plus shopping/eating local- can’t beat that!!  I’ll try to get a picture of everything before we annihilate it.  =)

Now let’s climb in the time machine and hop back about 24 hours!


Supper last night came 100% from the grill!!  Oh my WOW was it good!  Pineapple, shrimp, and scallop kabobs marinated in a Jerk/Hawaiian mixture; grilled corn on the cob; new potato skewers; brats; and grilled sweet potatoes.

The new potatoes were probably the biggest hit of the evening.  Boil whole new potatoes into they just give to a fork.  Drain and allow to air dry a bit.  Toss the potatoes in a little oil, just to coat.  Then season with Kosher/Sea salt and pepper.  I speared 3 potatoes per skewer, as they end up pretty heavy for just a tiny stick.  Transfer to grill and turn until fairly brown all over.I loved the sweet potatoes, Jesse didn’t.  But he doesn’t like sweet potatoes, so you can’t really judge by him.  Hehehe =)  We have this perfect little veggie grill basket that has served us well both times we used it.  If you don’t have such a thing, you may want to make your sliced a little longer/wider to prevent them from falling through the grates.  As long as the slices are about 1/4 inch thick, it won’t make much of a difference how big the circumference is.  After you slice your raw potato, coat in oil and sprinkle with sea salt.  Grill until tender and enjoy!!

I need to try to make my Chocolate Eclair Cake tonight so I don’t go through yet another box of graham crackers before I use them.  Wish me luck!  😉


Kentucky Rain

Whew! This day!! Had a crazy nightmare about 4:30 this morning and couldn’t get back to sleep. One of those that rocks you to your core things…every had one of those?

I had my makeup fabulously applied before 7am. So many things wrong with that. I fixed Jesse a cup of iced coffee from the Keurig (if you’re a coffee/tea junkie…invest in one. You won’t be sorry.) to help get his day started then fried myself some eggs. We love breakfast food in this house, just not necessarily in the morning 😉

I took my mom to have a couple teeth cut out. After I got her home I came home and ended up falling asleep on the couch listening to a storm. After a little bit Jesse had me move to the bedroom so he could noisily make supper =)


This is what I woke up to!! Twice baked potatoes filled with broccoli and cheese and bacon stuffed chicken topped with broccoli and cheese. Oh. My. Wow. SO GOOD!!! The best part? We’ve got some left for lunch tomorrow! I’ll let him post how he did it and such. Finally get him writing on here, huh?

I’m still beat from today and I’m gettin my hair done tomorrow…this hungry girl is off to get ready for bed!!

Sweet dreams of tasty treats!

Eatings’ Greetings!

First and foremost: I promise all the titles won’t be that cheesy. Unless we’re having melted dairy goodness 😉

Howdy, folks!! I’m Cari. 25 year old newlywed from God’s Country. My husband is Jesse (30 in July) and he’ll be hanging out here, too. We’re a couple of self-proclaimed foodies, not sure if we have any qualifications aside from LOVING food, but no matter.  We have 2.5 cats (I say .5 because we inherited one with the purchase of our home that just won’t move on but we can’t let him die.  I have a heart too big for my budget when it comes to felines)- Estelle, Cecilia, and Civ.  I have several health issues but my two most debilitating are IBS-D and chronic migraine.  Jesse suffers from migraines, as well, but they have slightly improved after beginning blood pressure medication.  I love sweaters, shoes, purses, makeup (I’m a MK consultant!), excessively hot showers, pajamas, and -of course- cooking.  I fear I would be lost without my Android.  I’m a bit of an Alpha, outspoken, LOUD, liberal, pain-in-the-rear at times.  But, by gum (I speak Appalachian.  Ya’ll can learn some along the way!) I’m fun and I’ll do just about anything for anyone.  I hate scary movies.  Put a comedy in front of me and you’ll hold my attention the entire time.  Crazy about football- Da Bears are our team.

I’ll let Jesse make his own post to really introduce himself.

I started this blog for us while I couldn’t sleep.  We both have this terrible habit of posting pictures of what we’re eating to our social media accounts.  People are constantly telling us to open a restaurant…but I figured this was a much more affordable path to travel.  We’ll use this medium to share things we have cooked (and if you ask really nicely, recipes of such), great places we’ve eaten (plus the not-so-great and reviews of both), and things of the like.  I’m hopeful that along this journey I’ll be able to detect some foods that trigger migraines and the more violent IBS episodes.

Welcome to our table.  You hungry?